Tuesday, January 5, 2010

God spoke: SEPERATE

GOD SPOKE: “SEPARATE!” Friday, 1/1/10 – Genesis 1,2; Luke 1
Diana Kriesel

S — Genesis 1:9 – “God spoke: "Separate! Water-beneath-Heaven, gather into one place; Land, appear!" And there it was.” (Message Bible)

O — God, the eternal, independent, and self-existent One: the One whose purposes and actions spring from Himself: He ...who is absolute in dominion; the most pure, the most true and holy; the One who upholds all; the indescribable and infinite One simply spoke the Word and it was. The power of His Word created, changed, brought life, and separated. The Word carries the same changing, life-giving, and separating Power today as it did…way back in the very beginning.

A & P — We are at the edge of the new year… a new beginning…a Genesis in our personal lives. A time to ask God to speak into our lives and, as He did at the beginning of creation, He spoke to light, and land and sea…and He said to water beneath heaven: SEPARATE!” As He spoke “SEPARATE!” and it was separated, we can ask God to speak “SEPARATE!” to those areas of our lives that are not totally separated unto Him, so that we would be more wholly His, for His use, for His glory, for His purpose…Yes, I say to the Creator of all the Universe: “Speak a word of separation to areas of my life Lord, so that I may be more fully Yours! May this be a year of clear definition – open my eyes to see that which has become blurry, and help me to also speak to my own situation, my own personality, my own character and say “SEPARATE YOURSELF UNTO THE LORD!!”

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